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How to get to Lamothe-Capdeville :

  • Getting to Montauban.

  • - From the south, coming from Toulouse, take the feeder road to Montauban, then the ring road which circles the town to the East.
  • - Take the exit to Lafrançaise-Molières, turn to the right at the traffic lights in the direction of “Centre ville”.
  • - ** Set your mileage meter to zero**

  • 0 km 200 : Signboard showing Montauban
  • 0 km 900 : Traffic lights
  • 1km 200 : Traffic lights. Rue Voltaire. Traffic lights, cross the N20. Continue straight along Rue Voltaire. Go till the end of the road, passing several traffic lights along the industrial zone Nord.
  • 2 km 800 : At the end of Rue Voltaire, turn to the right and take the D959. Direction Lamothe-Capdeville (to the right)
  • 2 km 900 : Railway crossing
  • 3 km 500 : Signboard showing town limits of Montauban< /div>
  • 4 km 100 : Place called Birac
  • 5 km 800 : Fork in the road with Loubéjac to the left and Lamothe-Capdeville (Ardus) to the right (D69)
  • 7 km : The bridge on the Aveyron entering Lamothe-Capdeville.
  • 7 km 400 : The town hall square
  • 8 km : Road to Mirabel on the left, and to Réalville and Albias on the right. Take the road to the left.
  • 8 km 700 : On the left, take the small road “Les Martelles”. It is marked “Voie étroite, 10 tonnes”.
  • 9 km 200 : Dirt road called Chemin Cadillac. La Maison de Manon property. Drive up the hill, up the dirt road past the gates and through the oak trees.
  • 9 km 700 : You are there!

  • - Coming from the north, From Paris-Limoges-Cahors , on the N20, turn right at rue Voltaire in Montauban. Proceed according to the directions explained above, start at “1km200”.

  • GPS la Maison de Manon : N 44°5'6.15" - E 001°22'11.1"
w2p studio - Credit photos: Philippe PLOQUIN